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Why Shredding?

Formatting/degaussing hard drives, tapes, and other magnetic media is not enough. This is practiced by most company before they are ready to dispose of hard drives, tapes and other magnetic media. This practice is not very safe as it is prone to human/software error and someone with basic computer technical skills can recover deleted data.

Overwriting using Dod standard software, this is clamed to be practiced by most electronics and computer recycler. The standard is to format and overwrite with garbage data few times. This makes it difficult to recover original data. Note the word “difficult” not impossible. This practice is also prone to human/software errors and someone with advanced computer technical skills can recover previous data.

Shredding is physical destruction of hard drives, tapes, and other magnetic Medias. This is by far the safest way of disposal. With eRevival we make this process very simple for you. Please give us a call or email us today for your FREE proposal for onsite or offsite hard drive shredding.

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